Energy Efficient Prefab Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are built far quicker than traditional buildings. Once the panels have been constructed at a factory, they are erected relatively easily. However, speed shouldn’t be your only reason to buy a prefab building; they can also prove to be extremely energy efficient.

The world is becoming more conscious of energy usage and the high levels of pollution that excessive usage leads to. As a result everybody is trying to do their bit to be a bit more green. The rising costs of electricity and fossil fuels means that energy efficiency is no longer a social responsibility, it’s an economic advantage.

Saving You Money

Before you even move into your new building, there has already been a massive saving of energy at the factory. The panels for your prefab building are made on a large scale, which helps to reduce energy usage in manufacturing. This reduction in manufacturing costs isn’t only good for the environment, it’s also good for your pocket.

How Insulated Panels Work

The panels are made up of Magnesium Oxide and Expanded Polystyrene. Magnesium Oxide is an environmentally friendly building material, while still being strong and fireproof. It requires less energy to produce than traditional mortar does. Magnesium Oxide has other advantages as well, including being fungus resistant and asbestos free.

Sandwiched between two layers of Magnesium Oxide is a layer of Expanded Polystyrene. This material is rigid and tough and is also a fantastic heat insulator. This means that very little is heat is lost through your walls. By keeping the heat inside the house and the cold out you’ll save on your heating costs in winter. No longer will you need inefficient and expensive heater units that have a tendency break down. This works the opposite way in summer, keeping the inside of your house cool and comfortable.

Lastly a layer of Chromadek roofing, and insulated doors, improve heat insulation even more.

Be Energy Efficient

These energy efficient features will continue to save you money for many years. Because these prefab buildings are so well insulated, your heating costs will be considerably less than that of a traditional building. Not only will a good prefabricated building save you money, but it’ll be healthy for the environment too.

The Beauty Of Prefab Housing

Facts about prefab housing

Our carpenters, electricians, roofers and masons are qualified and experienced professionals who pay close attention to detail. Highly competent workers ensure that all projects are completed with accuracy to any specified measurements. We employ professionals to build safe, solid homes that comply with international inspection codes.

Each step of construction is completed under the watchful eye of quality control inspectors, giving you peace of mind when you move into your brand new home.

Prefab housing with the specifications you want

The prefab housing industry has many models to chose from, all designs tried and trusted for complete comfort. Our catalogue of standard floor plans will not disappoint. However, if you have more unique needs or if you want to get creative with your home, make changes to one of these standard plans.
Specifications can be set by the customer: change moldings, wood types, tiles and carpeting, add more rooms or change the size of different rooms. Take a floor plan and make it your own. You have the freedom to ask for the house to be done on a larger scale or a smaller scale. Any changes you need can be discussed with an experienced project manager who will ensure that your specifications meet your expectations.

You are ready for prefab housing

You are ready, for qualified professionals to build prefab housing for you, housing that goes above and beyond. Take a look at three bedrooms, four bedrooms, which is right for you. Need more space for a growing family add more bedrooms. Have a schedule that needs to be kept?

All panels are made on an indoor factory floor, preventing any delays caused by weather and ensuring your house is completed on schedule. You can set the delivery date for your new home. Yes, this is the way to go. Forget those old trailers and rather opt for a fully-fledged house, something to last a lifetime and looks attractive on your land. Your house could be a place for the kids to play, a place for relatives to visit, a place that you can be proud to show off to everyone. You know what you want, there is nothing holding you back, the beauty of prefab housing is waiting for you, act now.

Prefab Buildings – Building Your Development Quickly

In today’s world, everything seems to require completion in a hurry. The attitude of eating even has the term, “fast food,” and “instant food prep,” or “quick meals.” Technology has increased the pace of our existence immeasurably in just about everything we do. The building of homes and offices which used to take several months can now be completed quicker in the form of Prefab Buildings.

Prefab Buildings are manufactured in a factory separate from the foundations. Prefab panels are made “from scratch”. You see, Prefab Buildings are created from the floor up without a foundation. They are made up of a large metal or wooden framed flooring structure covered by sheaths of flooring as in any building or home construction. Upon completion of that floor, the tile, carpeting or whatever other surface you choose for your home is then laid down and the walls built upon the flooring. From that point on, construction is the just the same as any other house, except with the Prefab Buildings, the construction is done on a hydraulic platform large enough to accommodate the width of the building. “Double-wide” options are also available – with two prefabricated halves making up a larger building.

Inside Prefab Buildings

Once the walls inside the Prefab Buildings are completed, all of the wiring and plumbing are placed through the walls to their respective locations for assembly of the final items. For instance, the piping for the kitchen sink is run through the walls to the location where the kitchen sink will go. The wires are run from where the circuit breaker box will be placed to the various points throughout the building where electric outlets and switches will be located. This type of work is called “roughing”. After this work is completed, the insulation and the drywall or wall board coverings are put in place. The interior of the house is completed with finished selected by the client. The finish in a Prefab Building includes items such as sinks, which can be placed in the most convenient place that you select. Choose from a range of lighting options and place them exactly where you need. After this process, the building is inspected by quality control inspector and then is prepared to be delivered to its location.

The Site Preparation

While building is being completed in the factory, the eventual site of the home must be prepared to receive the home. Site preparation is where the concrete foundation, well and septic system (if not on city water and sewer) must be prepared to receive the Prefab Building. Electricity must be placed on the proper end so as to coincide with the “electrical entry” to the home (the side of the home where the circuit breaker box is); and the water pipes from the well or city water must be placed in close proximity of the entrance pipes in the Prefab Building. Site preparation is the key to a successful placement for a Prefab Building.


Upon successful attachment of the Prefab Building to its foundation and after the utilities such lights and water have been accessed a final inspection will be carried out on the building. The building will then be ready for immediate occupancy. The process of building a Prefab Building is far less cumbersome and lengthy than it could be for a traditional building. Prefab Buildings often are completed long prior to traditional buildings because of the manufacturing process where they are completed. Upon arrival at the location, the building is simply put together, utilities connected and that is it!

But a few things to remember: a) When purchasing Prefab Buildings you must already have the land and the permits and b) you are responsible for the foundation purchase and well digging costs over and above the cost of the Prefab Building or Buildings. In some instances, you may have other local community costs associated with the building of a Prefab unit in a particular area of the community.

Prefab Buildings, the wave of the future. They contain energy efficient ratings, are high in resale value when well maintained, and they are quick to construct, which allows you to move in sooner.