Insulated Panels – Models to Fit Your Requirements

Afripanel manufactures a variety of rigid insulated panels for different industries, for example many types of buildings and cold rooms.

Our Afripanel modular building system trimmings in combination with our panels is the ultimate modular solution.

Fluted and flat panels are used for wall construction. All panels join by tongue and groove method. Our panels are made of 0.5mm thick Alu-Zink AZ150 steel sheeting with fire retardant EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation or PIR (Polyisocyanurate) insulation bonded in between. PIR has a very high fire and thermal resistance but is a more expensive option. Generally a 75mm wall panel is used for the Afripanel modular building system but other thicknesses are available depending on the requirement of the application.

IBR Wide span panels are used for any type of roofs. The top and bottom of the panel is cladded with Alu-zink, meaning that no ceiling is required and thus creates more open volume space in a building. The IBR wide span panel is corrugated on one side (top) with Alu-zink AZ150 steel bonded to fire retardant expanded polystyrene with a smooth or fluted (bottom) Alu-zink AZ150 finish as a ceiling.

MGO (magnesium oxide) panels are a good option where a higher fire rating is required. It has a high density EPS (expanded polystyrene) bonded in between MGO boards and available in 75mm thickness to accommodate the standard Afripanel window and door trimmings.

All panel widths are standard but any transportable length can be produced.