Frequently Asked Questions

It's a pre-manufactured building that is designed with shop drawings and manufactured in transportable kit under strict quality control in a factory. The prefabricated sections are then constructed on site , this drastically reduces construction time when compared to traditional building.
Typically buildings will arrive on site (location dependent)within 3 weeks of ordering.
This depends on the size of the home, but for a average 120m2 home it would take approximately 6 weeks from order to completion.
Once our client has approved the design, then the client needs to sign off the drawings, T&C`s, quote and deposit 50% to our company to start manufacturing.
Not at all. Our company takes pride in our modular buildings and provide a durable and neat home. Our prefabricated homes is in most cases a little cheaper than traditional building methods but offer greatly reduced construction times.
Its not guaranteed that it is earthquake resistant, but due to the way our buildings are constructed our prefabricated homes are far more earthquake resistant than brick and mortar homes.
Yes. Our engineers will design a foundation or stilts to be able to built on a designated site or hillside with our prefabricated system.
Our company currently construct up to 5 levels, but can design more level if the need arises.
Our Afripanel prefabricated system is Agreement certified, which means that it complies to the building regulations for fire, water penetration, acoustics, thermal resistance and quality management.
Our Afripanel Agreement certified prefabricated home have the same life span as a traditional brick and mortar home.
Due to that it is prefabricated, it constructs approximately 5 times quicker on site.
Its saves on the time and labor to construct the home and the energy efficiency over time.
Afripanel accepts cash, transfers or finance from a bank.
Yes , 50% deposit is required before we proceed with manufacturing according to the clients design.
Placing of order. During manufacturing process the civil works are done on site. Then the prefabricated goods are delivered on site and constructed including all finishes for occupation.
Yes. Afripanel export all around the world.
Yes. 1 year or a 5 year NHBRC guarantee.
Agreement, NHBRC. ISO9001, CIDB.
Yes, Afripanel design according to the clients requirements.
Yes, we have show houses at our factory as well.
Depending on the ground and soil conditions, but normally a beam foundation.
Yes if the changes meets our structural requirements as per our structural engineer.
On a flat bed truck.
Depending on the size of the home.
The shipping cost will be itemized on a quote to the client, or the client can arrange their own transport.
In municipal areas the same building approvals is required as traditional buildings.