Mining Accommodation Design

Afripanel is specialists company in designing any size mining camps, accommodation camps and any infrastructure buildings.

Our Afripanel system is designed to reduce construction time drastically saving time and money. Most mining camps have a strict budget.

That is where the Afripanel system is well advances to be able to meet the clients budget, without compromising quality and safety.

The Afripanel system has a Agrement certificate, which means it has been tested for durability, structural strenth, water proofing, thermal resistance, fire, acoustics and quality management in our factory and on construction sites.

Our factory is able to manufacture in large volumes to cater for any size mining camp that is required to suit the clients lead time. All buildings are planned properly with production drawings before manufacturing takes place.

The buildings is flat packed to save transport costs. We can supply only, or we can do the logistics and construction as well.

Our construction teams have allot of experience in working all around the world and know that safety is the first priority. Quality is priority on any site.

You can review our varied mining accommodation designs under the Products > Mining drop down menu in the navigation bar.