Modular Prefabricated Park Homes – Buildings and Houses

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Modular homes are an ideal solution for anyone wishing to build quickly, cost effectively. With easy to implement upgrading opportunities in a modular fashion.

We manufacture and install park homes which can be delivered and built anywhere in Southern Africa.

Pre-Manufactured Solutions

Our park homes are pre-manufactured, assembled and commissioned in our factory.

We manufacture all building components in-house, which gives us leverage on the stock availability and pricing.

On Time Delivery

We are able to deliver prefabricated park homes at very affordable prices as bulk raw material purchase cost savings are passed on to our clients .

Our factory is situated in Kempton Park, South Africa which is a neutral transport hub close to major highways in Johannesburg. This allows for our logistics to be on point, thereby making our delivery time a featuring benefit of our service component.

We believe in great service delivery from start to finish on each of our projects.


The park homes are built on a very strong chassis system that allows the prefabricated (prefab) houses or buildings to be loaded on trucks and offloaded on site again.

The size of our prefabricated range of buildings and houses are from a 6m to 12m in length and 3m to 3.4m wide.

We can therefore offer a wide range of solutions, tailor made to your unique requirements.

All park homes can be joined together to create a larger modular building, making our prefabricated park homes a top modular system solution for any company requiring an adaptive solution.

The system is also ideal for when construction time on site is limited.

Custom Solutions

Please feel free to reach out and contact us, so we may assess your requirements and produce a custom solution, precisely designed for your unique circumstances.

Please click here to contact us and one of our consultants will contact you to arrange for a site visit.