Product Specifications

1. Insulated Panels

A. Fluted and flat Panels are used for wall construction. All panels are tung and groove. Our panels are made of 0.5mm colored chromadek steel sheeting illuminated with Expanded polystyrene. Generally a 75mm wall panel is used, other size thickness are available depending on the requirement of certain applications. Our fluted panel is 20% stronger than our flat panels.

B. IBR Wide span panel is used for our African and modern style building method and for large open structures like churches or Canteens. The IBR wide span panel is corrugated on one side with colored chromadek steel bonded on expanded polystyrene and on the other side that acts like a ceiling is also bonded with a flat or fluted white chromadek steel.


C. Magnesium oxide panels are manufactured to be used in buildings to create a mortar finish. The panels are energy efficient. Generally a 75mm to 100mm panel is used. The panel consist of 10mm MGO board laminated on both sides of a expanded polystyrene sheet. The male edge has a chromadek steel edge for strength. Once all panels are erected and the construction is completed can the panels be sealed on the joints and painted on site. For a more executive look a rhinolite with a pattern can be applied before painting.




2. Steel chassis

* Quick installation.
* Can be used for temporary and permanent accommodation.
* 18/25mm plywood is placed on top of the frame.
* Light 2mm lip channel steel.
* Unlimited floor space can be designed accordingly.
* 2.44m wide to fit on a truck and just bolted together on site.
* Adjustable chassis feet for uneven surfaces


3. Windows

* Aluminium windows are clipped in ,so no pop rivets.
* 500 – 1800mm width or height.
* Openers are top hung or sliding windows.
* Windows are installed at our factory in to the panels.
* Optional security bars.
* Optional Fly screen nets.

4. Trusses

* 0.8m lip channel Galvanized steel.
* Can be made and designed to suit strength.
* for any building size required.

Advantages against traditional wooden roof trusses.

* Light weight.
* High strength to weight ratio.
* Save on labor and installation.
* Lifetime durability.

5. IBR Corrugated Roofing Over Trusses


* Our roof trusses are covered with 0.5mm Chromadek.
* Colors available as per clients request.
* IBR roof plate are 760mm wide.

6. Aluminum Extrusions


* We have a variety of aluminum extrusions to compliment our buildings.
* Our extrusions are designed to make construction time faster.
* All aluminum extrusions are 2mm thick and powder coated.
* Chromadek extrusions are 0.5mm thick and double folded.

7. Doors


* We manufacture insulated panel doors with a wood pattern.
* Glass doors for external use, and wooden doors for internal use.
* The advantage of insulated doors are that you have a full energy efficient building when it is combined with the rest of the insulated panel building.
* All handles and hinges are powder coated aluminum
* Lock are all manufactured with a good quality triple lock.

8. Paint


* Our building system can be painted with PVA or enamel, provided that the correct applying procedures are follow.
* We will gladly advice our clients.

Additional Extras Turnkey Project

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a. Kitchen unit all in one and full domestic and Commercial kitchens.


c. Air conditioners


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b. Bathroom units all in one and executive bath rooms

d. Flooring solutions