Energy Efficient Prefab Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are built far quicker than traditional buildings. Once the panels have been constructed at a factory, they are erected relatively easily. However, speed shouldn’t be your only reason to buy a prefab building; they can also prove to be extremely energy efficient.

The world is becoming more conscious of energy usage and the high levels of pollution that excessive usage leads to. As a result everybody is trying to do their bit to be a bit more green. The rising costs of electricity and fossil fuels means that energy efficiency is no longer a social responsibility, it’s an economic advantage.

Saving You Money

Before you even move into your new building, there has already been a massive saving of energy at the factory. The panels for your prefab building are made on a large scale, which helps to reduce energy usage in manufacturing. This reduction in manufacturing costs isn’t only good for the environment, it’s also good for your pocket.

How Insulated Panels Work

The panels are made up of Magnesium Oxide and Expanded Polystyrene. Magnesium Oxide is an environmentally friendly building material, while still being strong and fireproof. It requires less energy to produce than traditional mortar does. Magnesium Oxide has other advantages as well, including being fungus resistant and asbestos free.

Sandwiched between two layers of Magnesium Oxide is a layer of Expanded Polystyrene. This material is rigid and tough and is also a fantastic heat insulator. This means that very little is heat is lost through your walls. By keeping the heat inside the house and the cold out you’ll save on your heating costs in winter. No longer will you need inefficient and expensive heater units that have a tendency break down. This works the opposite way in summer, keeping the inside of your house cool and comfortable.

Lastly a layer of Chromadek roofing, and insulated doors, improve heat insulation even more.

Be Energy Efficient

These energy efficient features will continue to save you money for many years. Because these prefab buildings are so well insulated, your heating costs will be considerably less than that of a traditional building. Not only will a good prefabricated building save you money, but it’ll be healthy for the environment too.