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What Are the Most Popular Usages of Prefab Buildings?

The popularity of prefab buildings is steadily growing across the globe, thanks to their flexibility in terms of design & construction. The building technology is used across all industries. Prefabricated buildings offer affordable & convenient expansion opportunities for training centers, medical facilities, schools, churches, and more. Your facility can experience inexpensive and expedient expansion including a full-size gymnasium, worship center, and a large recreational area. Listed below are some of the most popular usages of prefab buildings.

Commercial offices:

It’s perhaps one of the most prevalent uses of prefab buildings all over the world. Large & small-scale businesses make use of temporary modular office spaces. These buildings are perfectly suitable for commercial offices and personal home offices, which have become the need of the hour in the post-pandemic world.

Here at Afripanels, we offer fully customizable prefab houses in different sizes and designs. Our modular buildings can be used as corporate headquarters, administrative buildings, and temporary offices near a mining or construction site.

Educational facilities:

Prefab school buildings are gaining massive popularity across the globe. It lets educational institutions construct moveable classrooms that can work as temporary or permanent education centers. The portability feature of prefab buildings allows the superintendent to accommodate or expand the growth of the school, particularly in rural areas.

Healthcare facilities:

Prefab buildings can be used as healthcare facilities, particularly in this present pandemic situation. Since these buildings can be built & installed fast, they can cater as priority-based healthcare facilities in the time of emergency.

If government-run medical facilities or private healthcare centers require more space, prefab buildings can be a great extension solution; they can accommodate patients or act as a temporary laboratory, diagnostic center, or MRI unit. Also, physicians can make use of modular office buildings for consultation purposes, and since it’s exceedingly movable, they can be shifted to different sites when required.

Here at Afripanels, we manufacture ground-breaking Prefabricated Buildings for any application. We are dedicated to delivering your tailor-made modular vision at a hard to believe the price. Supplied in a kit form and mostly flat-packed, our modular buildings are assembled on-site and energy-efficient. Our prefab houses are tailor-made for mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and the low-cost housing sector. Get in touch with us now if you are looking for a custom solution and quotation.

Top 4 Strong Reasons Why You Want to Retire In A Park Home

Retirement is the time to truly relax & live your life to the fullest. Some things that may come in the way of completely relishing your retirement years might include being overloaded with home & garden upkeep. That is why more & more retirees are looking to shift into a residential park home. Listed below are the top five strong reasons why you want to retire in a park home. 

Greater financial freedom:

As park homes are generally cheaper in comparison to a brick & mortar home, you can save money. Selling your present home and gaining additional income can be your way to enjoy greater financial freedom. This could let you explore places you have always dreamed of, buy yourself your dream car or simply have more wealth to enjoy your day-to-day life. 

Join a community:

There are many parks that exclusively meant for retirement aged residents. Living on a residential park with an age limit is an excellent way to interact with new people who’ve identical lifestyles. Many park home owners arrange activities & trips on regular interval, meaning that your retirement years does not have to be an isolated time in your life. You can fill it with unforgettable adventures with friendly and like-minded people. 

Save your time & money:

The structure of park homes makes them low in terms of upkeep, which means you don’t have to bog down with those irritating DIY tasks around your house. Also, they’re generally one storey, meaning they’re pretty convenient particularly for elderly people with mobility issues. All you have to do is follow some basic maintenance rules to make sure everything is in order. With less money and time spent on the maintenance of your house, you’ve more money and time to spending on what you like. 

Opportunity to leave in your dream location:

Whether you have always dreamed of living close to the sea, or wish to dwell close to your kids and grandkids, park homes can help you fulfil your purpose in style. Choosing to dwell in a park home presents you the choice to reside wherever you want, whether this is by the green countryside or on the coastline. You could even dwell in the same residential park as other friends. Throughout our lives, family and friends move around, so moving during retirement is the best chance to pick a location nearer to the ones you love. 

If you believe the park home is the perfect option for you, feel free to get in touch with Afripanels – a leading park home manufacturer. Our Park homes are pre-manufactured, assembled and commissioned in our factory. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any unique requirements.

What Are the Benefits You Can Expect From Investing On A Prefab Steel Building

Prefab steel structures have made a revolution in the temporary building industry as they offer infinite probabilities because of their panelized & modular formats. Prefabricated steel structures today can be seen in different building applications like industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, commercial building, mini-storage and workshops among others.

Investing in a steel building comes with so many benefits including:


Prefab steel structures are naturally durable and are resistant to corrosion. They can last for years without needing to renovate the facility. Steel is inherently strong and it can endure extreme weather conditions like heavy snow fall, strong wind, low temperature and even tremorousactivities. Prefab steel structures are capable of preventing moisture and endure heavy snow loads during harsh winters.


Since steel is 100 percent recyclable, prefab steel buildings are eco-friendly. Typical buildings that reach their lifetime need to be destroyed while steel structures can be used again for other building applications. There’s also no limit on how many times steel can be recycled. Investing in an eco-friendly building made from steel also prevent pollution.

Quality craftsmanship:

Prefab steel structures are all about quality craftsmanship. As they’re prebuilt at the manufacturing facilities, they’re build to abide by all building codes & quality compliance. They’re constructed by certified engineers and technicians. Prefab steel buildings provide quality guarantee for all building applications.

Flexible expansion:

With prefab steel construction, expansion has become a whole lot easier than ever before. If you want to make addition to your exiting steel building, you will only need additional panels and bolted connections. With flexible expansion, your prefab steel building can expand as your business & space requirements grow.

Minimum upkeep:

Because of the durable nature of prefab steel structures, facilities made from steel don’t need restoration. You can clean them easily and they’re also corrosion resistance. One major benefit is that steel buildings don’t fade over time. Furthermore, it’s insect resistant and rust proof. With steel buildings there is no danger of housing disparaging bugs like terminates.

Energy efficiency:

Prefab buildings made from steel are insulated and can decrease electricity expenses substantially. With a panelized format, the insulation is fitted together leaving no gaps and keeping your building insulated against outside conditions.

Afripanel is the name you can trust if you are on the market for seamlessly engineered prefabricated steel structures. We specializes in manufacturing & supplying pre-fab buildings of different styles and designs best suiting client’s requirements and preferences.We’ve a crew of certified engineers, designers, welders and boilermakers; who are experienced in designing steel structures as per client needs.

Smart Modular Houses with High Energy Savings

Afripanel delivers you tailor-made modular vision at cost-effective prices. We manufacture modular prefabricated buildings for quick and efficient construction. The aesthetically good looking buildings are energy efficient and supplied in a kit form. They are mostly flat packed and assembled on-site.

The modular houses are ideal for offices, schools, mining camps, accommodation units, and low cost housing sector. We avail both standard and custom buildings design to suit the clients’ specific taste.

Many homeowners dream of their own custom-made home but could not invest in the time and money needed to manage construction workers, engineers, and architects required to build the home. In such cases, modular/prefab homes are a great alternative to a traditional design-and-build homes. They are cost-effective and can save you a lot of time. Our modular houses are prefabricated, energy efficient all-season modular home.

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is one that’s built indoors in a factory-like setting. The finished products are then transported to a new location, where a builder assembles them. A modular home is not a mobile home; it’s just a home that’s built off-site they are often called system-built, factory-built, or prefab homes.

Benefits with Afripanels

The best prefab homes manufacturer in South Africa, Afripanels serves its client requirements with prefabricated structures that are an example of durability and quality. The products offered are set as an example of perfection and design precision. These prefabricated homes offer the following benefits:

  • Quick Installation: They are quick and easy to install and made from lightweight materials offering convenience in re-location.
  • Stable Structure: The prefab homes have a flexible system, which is reliable, safe, and meets the highest standards of design and construction.
  • Flexible Layout: The ergonomics can be set up as per clients’ wishes and altered whenever they want.
  • Waterproof Structure: The homes are waterproof in design and do not need any special waterproof treatment.


Advantages of Modular Houses

Eco-Friendly: Eco-friendliness is one of the most important aspects of modular houses. Modular homes are often commended for sustainable construction and energy efficiency. The traditional method of home construction requires extra materials that lead to increased waste. As prefabricated homes are constructed in a factory, extra materials can be recycled. This is a considerable improvement. Also, the controlled environment of a factory allows for precise construction, better air filtration, and tighter joints, which in turn allows for better wall insulation and makes the home energy-efficient.

Flexibility: Modular houses can be easily disassembled and relocated to other sites. This in turn minimizes the demand for raw materials, decreases time overall, and reduces expended energy. Also, modular construction allows design flexibility allowing for several opportunities. As prefabricated construction units can be used in different spaces, they can blend with almost any building type taking to its natural aesthetics.

Consistent Quality: Prefabricated construction follows specified standards and occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment. So, the sub-assemblies of the structure are built to a uniform quality. Each sub-assembly is built by an expert crew in a weather-resistant factory, with several quality checks through the process. To ensure conformity to building code some building components are constructed using precise machine equipment.

With the increasing popularity of modular houses and prefabricated construction, it is even more likely to continue to grow in popularity. By choosing prefabricated homes customers can enjoy cost-effective, eco-friendly, and high-quality construction methods. Prefabricated construction is proving to be an extremely viable option, and as manufacturing technology continues to rise, we expect to see its demand and benefits rise in the future.

What Makes Prefab Houses Popular?

A home is lifetime investment in your life. But before investing, you should be well-aware of the realities. Most people consider a constructed home that they’ve known over the years. That’s why they save their valuable money and time for making their lifetime dream of owning a home a reality.

But now prefab houses are gaining popularity because of so many good reasons like durability, faster construction time, efficiency and maximum return on the investment. Before buying prefab buildings, you should know what makes them popular over constructed homes. Please check out the below discussed things when it comes to buying prefab houses:

Onsite Construction –

Prefabricated buildings are not mobile homes. They are looking similar to traditional homes. These buildings have a foundation and have one or two stories. Some prefabs might have a connected garage. They are not mobile constructions.

Customize Your Home –

When you build prefabricated buildings, you can customize as per your preferences and requirements. All you need to do is to work with the engineers to discuss your priorities. They will make adjustments accordingly to them. This means, you can plan your home perfectly by customizing your needs. Generally, prefab home builders are adapted to customer’s personal interests and preferences in the construction process.

Superb Quality Construction –

Prefab buildings are perfectly engineered with superior standard materials and industry standards. They are more grounded than stick-built homes. Generally, prefab homes are implicit units constructed by experts and qualified supervisors for expert supervision.

The prefab building experts construct the houses in a controlled setting ensuring the dryness of structure materials. In addition, the buildings are available with a long term guarantee ensuring maximum return on the investment.

Higher Energy Efficiency –

Prefabricated houses are considered as highly energy efficient. That’s why they are chosen over onsite fabricated assembled homes because of their efficiency. According to a survey, it’s observed that the standard prefabricated houses have ability of exchanging air around just seven times every hour whereas the stick-built homes are able to exchange air around 11 times in an hour. This means, you will save more on heating and cooling costs. Besides, your prefab home is underlying a climate-free setting which makes sure that it won’t lose its insulation by getting wet,

Bottom Line –

Afripanels specializes in manufacturing indicatively engineered insulated panels and creating beautifully designed fast-installing, energy efficient prefabricated buildings. We are highly dedicated to tailor-made your vision to create your dream home at affordable prices. If you want to build your dream prefab at fair prices with above discussed advantages, feel free to contact us today and let’s get started.

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