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A Few Frequently Asked Questions About Prefab Houses

Being a prefab house manufacturer, we at Afripanels come across numerous questions frequently asked by various clients and customers. If you too want to invest in prefab houses and want to learn about these units? Then take a look at some of the most common queries answered below:

Prefab Houses

Why buy a prefab house?

Buying a prefab house can be a great choice for you due to few reasons that include:

  • Appealing Aesthetics – Prefab houses come with a variety of appealing home designs that will make you fall in love with them.
  • Energy Saving – Prefab houses are strongly insulated and are an environmentally friendly option that will save a lot of your money on energy bills.
  • Quick Construction – Prefab houses are usually built faster than traditional houses. Moreover, these units are built inside a factory which is why it is weather resistant.
  • Cost-Effective – Today when the real estate market is extremely expensive, prefab homes are comparably cost-effective with high-quality construction.
  • Less Waste – As the prefab houses are built in a factory, the amount of supplies wasted is cut down up to 50%.

Are Prefab houses cheap and poorly constructed?

Not at all! The prefab houses built today are highly efficient and come with quality assurance. These houses are built using advanced technology throughout the process ranging from planning to customization of design. These units are highly engineered structures that are built in sections, called “modules”, within a controlled environment.  

Are Prefab houses earthquake resistant?

A Big Yes! The prefab houses are not only earthquake resistant, but also are insulated, fire-proof and sound-proof.  At Afripanels we complete soil studies, topographic and geological studies during our site screening procedure to ensure that the foundation we build a strong enough prefab house that can resist earthquake.  We carry out –

  • Practicability Study
  • Design Development and Engineering
  • Price Estimation
  • Fabrication and Foundation
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Final Fit-outs

What does a prefab house look like?

A prefab house looks like a normal house that you have seen in your neighbourhood. Differentiating these homes from other homes is quite impossible. Moreover, prefab houses are highly customizable and can be used to build an office building, schools, hospital, and other structures. 

Can a prefab house be built on the hillside?

Yes, prefab houses come in different designs that complement various terrains. 

Is Prefab house Fire resistant, water and soundproof?

Yes, prefab houses are vigilantly engineered to make them fire, water and sound resistant. 

What is the lifespan of a Prefab House?

The Prefab House has a lifespan of about 50 to 70 years.

How does a Prefab house save time in the construction process?

About 90% of the prefab house construction is carried out while the foundation is set up that include the flooring, the wall and ceiling finish, ceiling fans, shutters, kitchen cabinets, sink, refrigerator, stove, etc. That is why a lot of time is saved. 

So if you want to get your prefab house designed by us, then get in touch with us! We assure you that you will get the best quality prefab house at the most affordable price.

Can A Prefab House Save Me Money

Thinking of finally constructing a new house but not certain where to begin? Since there’re a lot of home building options it can get quite baffling if you fall short to plan right. It is always recommended to do your homework, weigh out your choices and choose the best one. 

Have you ever heard regarding prefab homes? What are they? Well, they are simply homes built offsite. They’re homes that are built in a factory setting prior to be transported to a building site where they are then assembled. The building lot/site is of your own choice. Construction can even be done in a matter of few weeks. 

Prefabs are also built according to state or local building codes and meet the same building codes as conventional construction. 

Constructing a house is a big investment and cost is the most important factor that comes into play. So, are prefab houses cheaper? Well, it can differ relying upon the specifications on each project. But there’re certainly ways it can save you more money. Here is how:

Decreased waste & energy:

With traditional construction, there tend to be a great amount of waste from surplus materials from unused wooden panels to tins of paint. You are paying more money for material than you really require. With prefab building, waste can be reduced significantly as a system is followed to make sure the correct materials are put into use and maximized. 

Most prefab houses are designed to be sustainable and/or green. Meaning the builder aims for energy efficient designs. This’ll save you big on your power bill in the long run. Also, monthly expenses will be reduced substantially. 

Time efficiency:

With prefabs, the common delays prompted by weather is lessened as opposed to a conventional build. With panels or modules constructed in the factory, it takes fewer labourers over the course of fewer days to make a prefabricated house move-in ready. This entails it needs lesser man-hours and eventually saves you money. 

Prefab or modular houses have improved significantly over the years. They’re constructed to withstand shipping so builders make sure it’s sturdy to transport and install in the foundation of the building site. It goes through intense quality control. 

Here at Afripanels, we take pride in delivering your modular vision at a cost-effective price. Our prefab houses are tailor-made for mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and for the low cost housing sector. To get a custom solution & quotation, call us now

Everything You Need To Know About Park Homes Before Buying One

Living in park homes is becoming a pretty popular way of life – particularly among the older community – as it gives peace & quiet, alongside security. Sadly, there’re a great deal of myths about what a park home is, who can purchase them, and whether they can be lived in all-year round.

Here are a few questions and answers about park homes, to offer you a better insight of whether dwelling in one is a good option for you.

What’s a park home?

Park homes are separated bungalow-style homes that are located within a private estate. They are generally built offsite & then placed on land that’s owned privately or owned by a local authority. A park home must be movable in 1 or 2 pieces, whether that is on its own wheels or by being transported via another vehicle.

When you purchase a park home, you own the building itself, instead of the land it is installed on. The fee is usually disbursed monthly, but some parks also allow their customers to pay weekly.

How do park homes vary from traditional homes?

The major dissimilarity between conventional homes and park homes is how they are built. Traditional homes are constructed from the ground up, whereas park homes are generally manufactured offsite and then moved to a park later. Parks homes also likely to be smaller in size than traditional homes, which entails most who move into one downsize.

Park homeowners generally pay their utilities differently as well. Things such as water, gas and electricity will be sold back to you by the park owners, and there’s rules in place to prevent you from being overcharged.

The selling procedure of park home is slightly different as well, as the purchase must be approved by the site owner. Getting this consent is an especially critical step if the site your chosen park home sits on has constraints when it comes to the likes of the age of its occupants.

Who can purchase a park home?

There are certain parks that imply restrictions when it comes to the ages of the occupants and whether they permit children, but there’re parks that are happy to greet everybody from young households to elderly couples.

Park homes are quite recognizable among the older community since they proffer peace of mind, security and most importantly a comfortable living environment. Moreover, when compared to traditional homes, park homes are generally more affordable and easier to operate and maintain. This makes them a fantastic alternative for retired people or those who’ve mobility issues.

Why Do You Prefer Modular Houses over Traditional Homes?

Whether you consider the economic or environmental benefits, going with modular or a manufactured home has its own share of benefits over traditional homes. When you invest in one of the best modular houses, you can consider yourself going green.

Modular Houses

Obviously it may not be your prime reason behind going this route; but won’t hurt for sure. Take a look at more convincing reasons why considering modular houses makes really sense:

Better Quality Indoor Air –

When building a new construction, you’ll come across many indoor air quality issues. It can be die to high moisture level in the building material. Most building panels are manufactured in the factory setting and will be taken to get the on-site construction done.

Efficient Heating and Cooling –

Modular houses are air-tight constructions and the temperature inside your house will be much more stable. You won’t need to stress about too much air escaping during winter or cool air escaping in the summer.

Less Waste Materials –

The pre-engineered panels for modular homes are delivered to the on-site to get the construction done. Factories manufacturing and building modular homes use consistently leftover materials from a project in another. This means, there will be less waster materials in the modular constructions.

Quality Building Materials –

A professional team building your modular home is experienced, specialized and closely supervised workforce. They specialize in manufacturing modular constructions by utilizing industry-standard equipment and latest technology.

Faster Process –

Modualr home manufacturers have enough experience and exertise to handle the construction process of every kind. Your new home will be built within your scheduled time after you finalize your project plan. It will save you more and minimize your stress.

Affordability –

Most companies building modular homes are able to leverage the volume purchases of materials to minimize your csots. Your home is built in on-site and but the panels are in factory. The construction process is very competitive and gives you great return on your investment.

Planning –

Planning of your new home will be done before any construction of your new home starts. This means, there will be fewer delays in building process because of the changes in the construction and design process.

Final Consideration –

Now you understand the difference between a modular an dmanufactured construction and what goes into the construction and installation process. It’s right time to make decision on the type that works for you. Moreover, modular houses are well-known as the “Home of the Future” and the possible solution to resolving the housing related problems.

When looking to invest in modular houses, you should look no further than Afri Panel. We specialize in manufacturing innovatively designed modular prefabricated buildings for any application.

Our products are designed save you on transport and accelerate construction process by at least six times. For any inquiries regarding our products and their specifications, feel free to contact us right now at  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Do You Opt for Modular Houses Over Traditional Constructions?

Modular houses are becoming popular construction method around the world day after day. More and more homeowners and businesses are looking to go for modular due to their fast, affordable and efficient construction process.

The process of building modular is revolutionizing the way the world builds their constructions. Here are a few reasons why you should go for modular construction:

Less Building Time –

Generally, modular homes are built-in around 1/3 the time required to construct a site-built home. However, all the panels used for walls and roofing are manufactured off-site. With careful planning and proper execution, your modular home construction will be done as soon as possible.

Better Quality Construction –

The panels used for modular homes are built in factors and are then transported to the construction site. They utilize state-of-the-art tools to get all the works involved in walls, floors and ceilings are done.

In addition to, the interior walls are lag bolted to the exterior walls and bracing and insulation is installed on all electric outlet boxes. You can expect better quality construction from modular home manufacturers.

Energy Efficiency –

However, prefab home manufacturers use quality engineering and latest construction techniques that are sure to increase the energy efficiency significantly. It means, a modular building will be economical to own and comfortable to live in regardless of the surrounding weather conditions.

Design Flexibility –

When you opt for modular housing construction, you have different options and design possibilities. Your builder will work with you and help you determine the perfect type and design that best suits your priorities and requirements. You’ll come across multiple plans to choose from. The final decision is up to you.

Performance –

You’re sure to get an impressively built, energy-efficient home due to precision with which the factory-built panels are manufactured. They do quality inspections at every stage to make sure that you get a house that not only looks beautiful; but is durable and functional as well.

Appealing Design –

With the innovative and practical design, the prefabricated home manufacturers use the superior quality building materials. They are extremely appealing addition to your school, business or residential property.

Durability –

Modular buildings are built with the most durable building materials available. They aim to deliver modular construction that is built to last much longer. The materials used for internal walls help in improving sound insulation and fire-proofing. In fact, the building structures are extremely airtight enough to make sure their energy-efficiency to a greater extent.

Bottom Line –

When you choose to build modular houses, you should look no further than Afripanel. Take this opportunity to get benefited from fast, affordable and efficient process with industry-standard materials and built-in durability.

Moreover, our modular buildings are custom designed and approached with superior design at the core. For more information about our products and the construction process, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at We’ll get back to you right away!

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