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Reasons Why Prefabricated Houses Require Being Your Next Construction Project

Let us look at the housing facilities available for the middle and low-income population. We will notice that due to the growth in the urban population, there is an acute shortage. It is the same in South Africa and the surrounding countries. To solve this shortage of housing facilities, many have the advantage of using prefabricated houses from us at Afripanel.

Prefabricated Houses

Our “prefab”, as people generally call our modular houses, have been manufactured in our factories, transported to the building site in sections, and assembled. Many in South Africa and the neighbouring countries accept our technology as it is a low-cost housing means and helps reduce risks associated with traditional construction methods. Now, the question is why your next project should be a prefabricated house.

Fast construction

The most significant advantage of using prefabricated housing instead of traditional on-site housing is the possibility of fast construction. If you are using the technology of ours, there will not be any construction delay due to bad weather. As the construction happens at our factory, bad weather cannot affect delaying the process. The assembling and erection of the house can occur within a short time, and weather cannot affect it. Time-saving generally happens due to sincere planning, quicker assembling of construction materials, and absence of weather causing a delay.

Cost reduction 

Cost reduction is another advantage of having prefabricated houses from us at Afripanel. It is cheaper to have a prefabricated house than constructing a house on-site. You will require fewer labourers to assemble and erect the house compared to on-site construction. Fewer labours along with the reduced time of construction, help to have a cost reduction. Our modular houses are affordable without any compromise on the quality of fabrication.

Professional service

You may have heard about some disadvantages of having such modular houses. However, when you are with us, you can expect to have professional services, which will help you to avoid the associated disadvantages. We listen to your necessities and fabricate the house accordingly. Therefore, it will never happen that there is any delay in transporting the fabricated home to your building site. Moreover, we offer a complete off-grid solution. So, you do not have to depend on other contractors to have the erection of the house. Our motto is to deliver tailor-made modular vision at an affordable price.

Do contact us to so that we can have knowledge about your requirements and offer a custom solution.

The Myths And Benefits Of Modular Houses

A house is perhaps the most significant investment that somebody will make in their life, so know current realities before purchasing. A great many people will buy a stick-constructed home since it is all they know. However, they can be sure that they could set aside cash and time by putting in almost no time taking a gander at a more productive technique.

Yes, we are talking about custom modular houses that they can have from us at Afripanel. Unfortunately, there are confusions around custom modular homes, and this article intends to address that. We also discuss some advantages to set up your mind to buy such a house from us.

The myths and realities surrounding modular homes 

Mobile home 

A modular home is a mobile home, is one of the myths. In reality, it is not such. Modular homes look very much like traditional homes. They have a foundation, they are one or two stories, and they may have a connected garage. Indeed, on the off chance that you drove down the road, you would not have the option to tell a stick worked from a modular one.

Customization is not possible 

Modular homes cannot have customization, which is another prevalent myth. However, in reality, our purchaser works with our designers to take units and amass them into a story plan that suits them. Along these lines, homes are entirely adjustable. You, as a homeowner, can plan the perfect home. A famous pattern among purchasers is customization. Our items and administrations are adaptable with the goal that every individual customer’s individual preferences and interests can have a place in the construction.

Cheaper in quality

Modular homes are cheaper, which is another myth that you will frequently hear. In reality, the development of modular homes is more grounded than stick-constructed homes. They are implicit units built by experts, and these experts have qualified supervisors over them. They have initial construction in a controlled setting, which implies that the structure materials stay dry. Furthermore, they accompany a long-term guarantee, contrasted with a 1-year guarantee that accompanies a stick-constructed home.

Modular homes are less energy effective 

Another myth that you will frequently hear is that modular homes are less energy efficient. However, in reality, they are more proficient than site fabricated assembled homes. A new report shows that the standard modular houses exchange the air just seven times each hour, while a stick-constructed home exchanges air 11 times each hour. That will convert into genuine investment funds on warming and cooling costs. Furthermore, because the house is underlying a climate-free setting, insulation does not lose its R-esteem by getting wet.

The advantages of modular homes 

By now, you know the facts about modular homes. However, it is also best to know the advantages that you can have purchasing modular houses from us.

  • Portability: While modular structures have the design to be lasting constructions, a few plans can have dismantling so you can get and leave whenever you want.
  • Quicker work: Since modular homes have construction in a plant, horrible climate conditions do not postpone development. Likewise, a significant part of the assembly already has completion; it chops down the structure time for the final development.
  • Lower cost: Using traditional development strategies can cost $150 to $250 or more per square foot if you assemble an average, non-luxury home. Particular development can cost 10% to 20% less because of assembly line productivity.

So, when you desire to have the best of modular houses at an affordable price and have all the above advantages, remember us at Afripanels.

Prefab Buildings – The Future of Construction Industry!

Do you know? Prefabrication is currently trending in the construction industry and it has been predicted by experts that in the future, prefab buildings will be the first choice of every individual. It is believed that prefabrication brings great ROI to a project. Want to know how? Then take a look at the following reasons why prefab houses have a bright future:

  • Prefabrication Boosts Quality 

Prefabrication is best known for boosting up the quality of every detail in a project in record time. Why so? The reason being – a majority of production work is carried out in a controlled environment specifically designed for manufacturing and assembling the individual prefabricated components. It further allows for quality checks and reviews which are way more thorough than can be done when these components were to be assembled directly on the site of construction. Unlike a construction site, warehouses and factories where prefab components are built are not subject to geographical limitations of any type. Therefore, going for prefab buildings is highly beneficial especially in dense urban areas. Prefab production lines also allow for an optimized workflow and process as the objects are being built by the same staff in a controlled environment.

Besides that, another essential benefit here is that prefab helps in keeping the site safe and organized as the components were already individually assembled at a separate warehouse. Hence, the actual construction site remains clean and clutter-free. Always remember a tidy workspace not only reduces the risk of mishaps or accidents on site but also enhances the productivity.

  • No Labour Shortage Issues Anymore

Another perk of prefab buildings is that the prefab production process frees up time for field workers to cover more projects! It helps in mitigating the skilled labour shortage issues the construction industry often faces along with a significant cut down on labour costs. Prefabricated technology is making constructions much easier and better – isn’t it? Be it a prefab house or any other commercial prefab buildings like hospitals, schools or likewise, prefabrication technology has been a boon to the industry. 

Prefab buildings help you avoid a significant amount of field work required for construction, save the number of tiles from breaking on-site, and save a significant amount of time from not having to go back and forth for small measurement miscalculations. 

  • Money and Time is Saved Significantly

Prefabrication helps you in saving time and money by standardizing components. Pairing up prefab construction with VDC is one of the most clever processes which limits the variability of the project while allowing for one to manage schedule and budgets in a better manner. And the opportunity to standardize components helps in saving a lot of time. By switching to prefab buildings more, the construction industry can establish standards – be it is building components or combining the components. With less exclusive parts floating around efficiency increases for more projects in the long run.

So switch to prefab buildings and make a wise decision for long term future goals! We at AfriPanels can help you with it. We provide the best quality prefab buildings that are eco friendly, energy efficient and more appealing. Get in touch with us today!

A Few Frequently Asked Questions About Prefab Houses

Being a prefab house manufacturer, we at Afripanels come across numerous questions frequently asked by various clients and customers. If you too want to invest in prefab houses and want to learn about these units? Then take a look at some of the most common queries answered below:

Prefab Houses

Why buy a prefab house?

Buying a prefab house can be a great choice for you due to few reasons that include:

  • Appealing Aesthetics – Prefab houses come with a variety of appealing home designs that will make you fall in love with them.
  • Energy Saving – Prefab houses are strongly insulated and are an environmentally friendly option that will save a lot of your money on energy bills.
  • Quick Construction – Prefab houses are usually built faster than traditional houses. Moreover, these units are built inside a factory which is why it is weather resistant.
  • Cost-Effective – Today when the real estate market is extremely expensive, prefab homes are comparably cost-effective with high-quality construction.
  • Less Waste – As the prefab houses are built in a factory, the amount of supplies wasted is cut down up to 50%.

Are Prefab houses cheap and poorly constructed?

Not at all! The prefab houses built today are highly efficient and come with quality assurance. These houses are built using advanced technology throughout the process ranging from planning to customization of design. These units are highly engineered structures that are built in sections, called “modules”, within a controlled environment.  

Are Prefab houses earthquake resistant?

A Big Yes! The prefab houses are not only earthquake resistant, but also are insulated, fire-proof and sound-proof.  At Afripanels we complete soil studies, topographic and geological studies during our site screening procedure to ensure that the foundation we build a strong enough prefab house that can resist earthquake.  We carry out –

  • Practicability Study
  • Design Development and Engineering
  • Price Estimation
  • Fabrication and Foundation
  • Delivery and Installation
  • Final Fit-outs

What does a prefab house look like?

A prefab house looks like a normal house that you have seen in your neighbourhood. Differentiating these homes from other homes is quite impossible. Moreover, prefab houses are highly customizable and can be used to build an office building, schools, hospital, and other structures. 

Can a prefab house be built on the hillside?

Yes, prefab houses come in different designs that complement various terrains. 

Is Prefab house Fire resistant, water and soundproof?

Yes, prefab houses are vigilantly engineered to make them fire, water and sound resistant. 

What is the lifespan of a Prefab House?

The Prefab House has a lifespan of about 50 to 70 years.

How does a Prefab house save time in the construction process?

About 90% of the prefab house construction is carried out while the foundation is set up that include the flooring, the wall and ceiling finish, ceiling fans, shutters, kitchen cabinets, sink, refrigerator, stove, etc. That is why a lot of time is saved. 

So if you want to get your prefab house designed by us, then get in touch with us! We assure you that you will get the best quality prefab house at the most affordable price.

Can A Prefab House Save Me Money

Thinking of finally constructing a new house but not certain where to begin? Since there’re a lot of home building options it can get quite baffling if you fall short to plan right. It is always recommended to do your homework, weigh out your choices and choose the best one. 

Have you ever heard regarding prefab homes? What are they? Well, they are simply homes built offsite. They’re homes that are built in a factory setting prior to be transported to a building site where they are then assembled. The building lot/site is of your own choice. Construction can even be done in a matter of few weeks. 

Prefabs are also built according to state or local building codes and meet the same building codes as conventional construction. 

Constructing a house is a big investment and cost is the most important factor that comes into play. So, are prefab houses cheaper? Well, it can differ relying upon the specifications on each project. But there’re certainly ways it can save you more money. Here is how:

Decreased waste & energy:

With traditional construction, there tend to be a great amount of waste from surplus materials from unused wooden panels to tins of paint. You are paying more money for material than you really require. With prefab building, waste can be reduced significantly as a system is followed to make sure the correct materials are put into use and maximized. 

Most prefab houses are designed to be sustainable and/or green. Meaning the builder aims for energy efficient designs. This’ll save you big on your power bill in the long run. Also, monthly expenses will be reduced substantially. 

Time efficiency:

With prefabs, the common delays prompted by weather is lessened as opposed to a conventional build. With panels or modules constructed in the factory, it takes fewer labourers over the course of fewer days to make a prefabricated house move-in ready. This entails it needs lesser man-hours and eventually saves you money. 

Prefab or modular houses have improved significantly over the years. They’re constructed to withstand shipping so builders make sure it’s sturdy to transport and install in the foundation of the building site. It goes through intense quality control. 

Here at Afripanels, we take pride in delivering your modular vision at a cost-effective price. Our prefab houses are tailor-made for mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and for the low cost housing sector. To get a custom solution & quotation, call us now

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