Prefab Houses of higher efficiency

The prefab buildings have unique advantages, so if there is a need for highly efficient prefab houses for your industry, then Afripanel is the right company to trust. We design prefab houses that are made by trained, skilled engineers to fit the client’s requirements. Being dedicated to serving the highest quality, the company is trusted by many clients. Thus, when there is a need of environmentally-friendly modular houses, you have one of the reliable manufacturers to supply you the perfect prefab building that fits your needs. Don’t worry, our whole team works to provide the highest efficient prefab houses that are made of strong materials to give peace of mind to every client looking for the perfect modular building.


Prefab houses are preferred as they are.

  • Designed in modular form, which is easy to be installed on the site.
  • They are of better quality because they are made by professionals.
  • They can be made as per the requirements; thus, they are easy to customise.
  • Prefab houses offer the advantage of cost-effectiveness, reducing time of constructing buildings.
  • Prefabricated houses are sustainable.
  • They are very energy efficient.

Thus, the idea of prefabricated buildings is the best if you want to save on costs or energy.

Afripanel is dedicated to offering the highest standard of prefab building, so there is nothing to worry about when you have a reliable company to trust.

Prefab Houses: Afripanel builds very unique designed structures that give higher performance while serving the needs of various industries. The growth of technology increase demands of the market, according to which Afripanel develops to meet the needs well.

Afripanel manufactures prefab buildings, provides turn kry solutions, etc. The best of our prefabricated houses is its higher efficiency.

The buildings are offered in flat format or as per your preference. If there is specific requirements, you can let us know so that we will tailor our prefab buildings as per the requirements.

You can book prefab houses for schools, accommodation units, etc. Get the highest quality aesthetic looking solutions for your industry.

For queries regarding the products we offer, contact the very friendly customer support team of Afripanel who will quick help you.

For reliable quality of prefabricated buildings, call Afripanel to book your prefab structure at the best value.

Afripanel ensures that it provides products that are safe to the environment. Thus, there is nothing to think about, give a quick call to Afripanel for customized prefabricated house that is very efficient.