A Quality Effort Can Produce Excellent Park Home Shelter for Your Desire!

The park home way of life appeals to many people and particularly for people as they get older. A modular home is a good way to trim down the budget and offer more value for their money than a normal home. Home seekers have a broad range of option for park homes or modular houses for residential market or commercial market or leisure market. There are lots of models of Park Homes with different sizes to choose from.  Afripanels made park home of special quality that can meet the residential standard and capable of being a permanent place to stay on.

Many people are moving to these park homes as a cheaper alternative to renting or buying a traditional home. We are making park home for years of tie with the best facilities to meet your desire! Here we have explained in brief how your park home is made to offer you more comfort.

  • Building home in one factory environment designed to build and fitted with the best production line. With our great facilities, modern equipment, cranes to hold the buildings and professional workforce, we can turn your home in about two weeks of time.
  • The initial work for park home starts with the floor, where we have gone through the critical stage of making the base, the plumbing line, electric line and the insulation of floor space to keep the base warm and make safe the plumbing line and the electric wirings.
  • Secondly, we come to the walls that are made keeping in mind your specific need. The walls are made carefully with the help of cranes in the factory and also insulated properly as the floors.
  • The third thing in making the modular houses is the roof. The roofs are made on the ground level inside the factory to bring the best quality with proper insulation before it is lifted on to the top of park home.
  • Next stage is the internal part of the home where the electrification and overall insulation is done. The interior work is done with great care for a better finish and appearance.
  • Then the exterior of the park is concentrated to work on where special care has been made including colors, ventilation, and many other works for a better finishing.
  • Then the building procedure proceeds to birth room, kitchen and other sweat areas where fixtures and fittings are installed as per your order. We can craft big difference by fulfilling the clients need what they like to and where they want to install!
  • Then the building process goes through to the finishing touches, carpeting, lightings, curtains, sofas that meet each line of your specification.
  • Last but not the least is that the entire home is properly scrutinized and batched to make sure that everything is just right for as per your specification, safety for a better piece of mind and aesthetic.
  • Our extensive range of homes has something to suit all tastes and budgets. Our park home or the modular home have equipped with excellent facilities for a wonderful customer experience.


We work very closely with customers to understand what they want for a better quality of life they are looking for in future. We encourage our clients to join us in the park home building process to get an idea of several designs to come up with a perfect park home. We design your modular houses with a careful planning that have potentially profitable. Please give us a call on +27 (0) 11 979 1885 to plan your desire today