Efficient Park Homes manufactured by Afripanel

Park homes, also known as mobile homes embody comfort, affordability, and less maintenance. They are generally installed on private lands. If you are looking for a reliable park home manufacturer then Afripanel is the right option to contact. Your search has brought you to one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality park homes. We have experienced team members handling the complete process efficiently and carefully. We use the highest standard of materials while manufacturing so that the final product comes out to be the best, meeting the client’s needs well. Moreover, we have years of experience in park home manufacturing, you can rely on us.

These park homes are best for your money, they are secure. Moreover, when the park homes are from reliable manufacturers like us you have nothing to worry about. We are reliable and assure high-quality solutions. We have many happy and satisfied clients who found our park homes to be very appropriate and comfortable to stay in.

Park Homes by Afripanel: We pre-manufacture park homes. They are assembled and commissioned in our factory. The homes are loaded on trucks easily and offloaded on-site. Every part of the park home manufactured here is strong. The size ranges from 6m to 12m in length and the width will be 3m to 3.4m wide. We promise the best of the best pre-manufactured park homes. They can be easily joined together for making a wider building. For quick on-site construction, our park homes are the ones to choose from.

Park homes function both as permanent residences and holiday homes. They have generally detached bungalow-style homes. Furthermore, park homes are durable and very appealing as well. Hence, if you are planning to install a park home then it is a very wise decision to make. Contact us today for the type of park home you want and we will get it ready soon.

Now, take a look at the benefits of park homes in detail.

  • Safe and security: The homes are safe and are generally installed in gated communities.
  • Low maintenance: The maintenance required for park homes compared to homes made with bricks and mortar.
  • Energy efficient: The park homes are manufactured with energy efficiency features, which will save you money on bills. Furthermore, the house will be warm.
  • Affordability: As compared to brick-and-mortar homes, these are affordable.
  • Spaciousness: Park homes offer great space both inside and outside.

There are a lot more benefits a park home offers. So, create a quality living with us. We will get your park home ready soon. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We have highly skilled manufacturers to manufacture strong, durable, comfortable, and safe park homes.

We would be happy in constructing a perfect park home for you.