Modular Houses by Afripanels

Modular buildings include sections called modules. There includes the construction of sections that are delivered to the site then. The complete installation is done on site. 

These modular structures are preferred for many reasons like their durability, durability, acceleration of construction advantages, they are energy efficient, they are environment-friendly, affordable, and have many more perks. 

Afripanels manufactures modular homes that save money and time on transportation and construction respectively. Modular buildings are now very popular because of their perks. If you have planned for buying modular homes for your needs then we are the right supplier you have reached at, as we construct the best quality and efficient structures along with making them attractive in appearance. Do not worry for getting the right quality modular home structures in South Africa when you have ‘Afripanels‘ to supply. We do always our best for our clients so that they receive exactly the product they need. 

We are a very trust worthy option you will find for modular homes. We provide strong and durable structures at affordable prices. 

When there are Afripanels you don’t have to look further as you have one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers to deliver you the highest quality of tailor-made modular buildings. We won’t let you down, we will completely meet your requirements. So, save transportation costs along with accelerating construction time by at least 6 times. 

We will deliver your order within the time promised. We will keep every single detail in mind while manufacturing a modular home for you. We have handled so many projects till now which makes us creative every time we construct structures. We have experience of many years which we combine to bring exemplary work. More over, with time and advancements, we keep developing to cope with changing demands and applications. 

Modular Houses by Afripanels: We supply the structures in kit form and generally flat packed which are assembled on site. We have our factory in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa where all buildings are pre-manufactured.

You can also find full off grid solutions like civil works, building structures, solar power, solar water heating, water collection, plumbing, gas water heating, and others. 

We manufacture both standards as well as custom buildings to fit different requirements of clients. Every construction is done professionally by professionals. 

We have many happy clients with us. They have been delivered the exact structure they wanted. We are consistent in our service. We prioritize customer satisfaction and quality of service. 

So, get in contact with us to discuss about the modular structure you want. We will custom made as per the details you provide. You can even get a quote for the structure you want. 

We will be delivering the best of the best solutions, you can count on us without a second thought.