Reasons Why Prefabricated Houses Require Being Your Next Construction Project

Let us look at the housing facilities available for the middle and low-income population. We will notice that due to the growth in the urban population, there is an acute shortage. It is the same in South Africa and the surrounding countries. To solve this shortage of housing facilities, many have the advantage of using prefabricated houses from us at Afripanel.

Prefabricated Houses

Our “prefab”, as people generally call our modular houses, have been manufactured in our factories, transported to the building site in sections, and assembled. Many in South Africa and the neighbouring countries accept our technology as it is a low-cost housing means and helps reduce risks associated with traditional construction methods. Now, the question is why your next project should be a prefabricated house.

Fast construction

The most significant advantage of using prefabricated housing instead of traditional on-site housing is the possibility of fast construction. If you are using the technology of ours, there will not be any construction delay due to bad weather. As the construction happens at our factory, bad weather cannot affect delaying the process. The assembling and erection of the house can occur within a short time, and weather cannot affect it. Time-saving generally happens due to sincere planning, quicker assembling of construction materials, and absence of weather causing a delay.

Cost reduction 

Cost reduction is another advantage of having prefabricated houses from us at Afripanel. It is cheaper to have a prefabricated house than constructing a house on-site. You will require fewer labourers to assemble and erect the house compared to on-site construction. Fewer labours along with the reduced time of construction, help to have a cost reduction. Our modular houses are affordable without any compromise on the quality of fabrication.

Professional service

You may have heard about some disadvantages of having such modular houses. However, when you are with us, you can expect to have professional services, which will help you to avoid the associated disadvantages. We listen to your necessities and fabricate the house accordingly. Therefore, it will never happen that there is any delay in transporting the fabricated home to your building site. Moreover, we offer a complete off-grid solution. So, you do not have to depend on other contractors to have the erection of the house. Our motto is to deliver tailor-made modular vision at an affordable price.

Do contact us to so that we can have knowledge about your requirements and offer a custom solution.