Park Home Living – What Are The Benefits?

In the present housing market, buying a house more difficult than ever before. While mortgage rates are considerably low, renting is at record a high which means it’s now a lot harder for young people to put their first step on the property ladder.

Prefab Houses

However, there’re definitely alternatives, and one of them is park homes – which once had a negative repute earlier, but with growing time and popularity there are many improvements can be seen today.

Being Africa’s leading supplier of Park homes or prefabricated houses, here we want to let you know some of the most important benefits of park home living:

Ownership cost: The very first reason most of the potential investors would love to know more about is obviously the cost of a park home. For your knowledge, the cost of a park home in comparison to brick & mortar home is considerably cheaper.

Prefabricated House

A supplementary gain is that the majority of the park homes come with some pre-installed furnishings, offering you the chance to sell some of your existing furniture & save some additional cash. There’s also great savings to be made on your utility bills. Usually, park homes are much more economical compared to typical homes, so your water, heating, and electricity can end up being comfortably decreased. Considerably if you go for a custom fabrication of home, the cost of ownership would be very low as there is no waste, there is less labor, can construct throughout year, save you from mortgage.

Self Sufficiency: A great number of Prefab Houses are now available fitted with things such as small wind turbines, solar panel, etc. taking the burden of your energy bills & making your house self-sufficient.

Because not many park homes are even partially constructed from bricks & mortar, the materials from which they’re made are a lot more environmentally friendlier than your older homes.

Ample Space: If you’ve ever resided on a housing estate, in a block of flats or close to a busy road, there’re not many home comforts you’ve to concede. Being able to have a garden or a private parking space are things which are pretty unlikely to work for you. Prefabricated House is modular too and you can go with your own design options.

Park Homes

However, if you select a park home, then there’re 2 things you can guarantee. Every park home has a sizable piece of land between you & next door meaning there’s ample rooms for your kids or grand kids to play around.

If you don’t have the time or money to construct a brick & mortar house, you better consider Afripanel’s parks homes that are pre-manufactured, assembled and commissioned in our own factory. For further information, reach us on +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or email at