Get Your Prefab Houses Built With Afripanels

Are you someone who would prefer prefab houses over traditionally build houses? If yes, Afripanel is the right place for you. We deliver high standards of prefab houses customized as our customers want. 

A conventional brick and mortal structure can take years to be completed whereas prefabs can be built in a few weeks. When you are moving to a place or a site and you don’t want to go through the lengthy construction process, you can go for a prefab house. Owing to the nature of production and cost efficiency, prefabs have become increasingly popular. 

Afripanel uses the best quality products to build your prefab home. Our houses are environment friendly. They are ideal for schools, offices, mining camps and low-cost housing requirements. All the rooms and buildings are manufactured at our factory in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. They are then packed in the form of kit and assembled on the job site. 

Afripanel takes utmost care to manufacture your house. We use high quality products to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. We tailor it in such way that it is not just durable but also aesthetically good. 

Afripanels is now offering grid solutions. The grid solutions are water collection and storage, building structure and finishes, solar water heating, solar power, electrical, gas water heating, and civil works. We are the perfect company for a wide range of solutions. You can even find standard building designs and custom buildings from Afripanel to make a choice. 

Advantages of prefab houses

  • It saves the time of construction. We can get your home ready within few weeks.
  • It is cost effective. Unlike the traditional house building process, prefab houses help you save a lot. You do not have to spend on labour or designing. Everything will be done by us. 
  • They are energy efficient. You can also use solar energy to reduce your energy bills.
  • Prefab homes are eco-friendly. A regular construction causes a lot of pollution. Also, as it constructed off site, it does not cause noise pollution.
  • With proper care and maintenance prefabs can sustain for years. 
  • They are transported and packed carefully. They are assembled by us and it does not require human labour and resources like that of a traditional house.

Afripanel will address all your needs and get you deliver your dream home. You can completely rely on our service and products. You can let us know if you have any designs in mind and we will definitely build it for you. We promise to deliver you a sustainable, durable and healthy house. 

Afripanel is the leading dealer of prefab houses. You can trust us as your partner in your house building process. Our quick delivery and good quality of service has made us earn customers love and satisfaction.

If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to reach out to us. We are every ready to address your questions. Get in touch with us today to place your order for the best quality tailored prefab houses.