Can A Prefab House Save Me Money

Thinking of finally constructing a new house but not certain where to begin? Since there’re a lot of home building options it can get quite baffling if you fall short to plan right. It is always recommended to do your homework, weigh out your choices and choose the best one. 

Have you ever heard regarding prefab homes? What are they? Well, they are simply homes built offsite. They’re homes that are built in a factory setting prior to be transported to a building site where they are then assembled. The building lot/site is of your own choice. Construction can even be done in a matter of few weeks. 

Prefabs are also built according to state or local building codes and meet the same building codes as conventional construction. 

Constructing a house is a big investment and cost is the most important factor that comes into play. So, are prefab houses cheaper? Well, it can differ relying upon the specifications on each project. But there’re certainly ways it can save you more money. Here is how:

Decreased waste & energy:

With traditional construction, there tend to be a great amount of waste from surplus materials from unused wooden panels to tins of paint. You are paying more money for material than you really require. With prefab building, waste can be reduced significantly as a system is followed to make sure the correct materials are put into use and maximized. 

Most prefab houses are designed to be sustainable and/or green. Meaning the builder aims for energy efficient designs. This’ll save you big on your power bill in the long run. Also, monthly expenses will be reduced substantially. 

Time efficiency:

With prefabs, the common delays prompted by weather is lessened as opposed to a conventional build. With panels or modules constructed in the factory, it takes fewer labourers over the course of fewer days to make a prefabricated house move-in ready. This entails it needs lesser man-hours and eventually saves you money. 

Prefab or modular houses have improved significantly over the years. They’re constructed to withstand shipping so builders make sure it’s sturdy to transport and install in the foundation of the building site. It goes through intense quality control. 

Here at Afripanels, we take pride in delivering your modular vision at a cost-effective price. Our prefab houses are tailor-made for mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units, and for the low cost housing sector. To get a custom solution & quotation, call us now