All About Park Homes – A Brief Overview

Heard of park homes and wondering how these are built by the manufacturers? Park homes are the best options for people who wish for a quiet and secluded life. Therefore, manufacturers make all the efforts to get these properties just right. However, many new buyers find it daunting to find a park home. While park homes claim to offer the utmost luxury and comfort, knowing if the property and park are really right for you or not is necessary.

We at Afripanels understand the concern of our customers and hence take all necessary steps to manufacture park homes that are just perfect for them. All our park homes are well-built, appealing, and well-maintained. To make you understand what is a park home and the other aspects of it, we have brought you a brief yet comprehensive guide about the same below. Have a look:

What is a Park Home?

Park homes are different from traditional housing not just in the way these are built but also in the materials used. These structures are more flexible in terms of designing and manufacturing. Moreover, park homes are often built for a specific purpose of offering a lifestyle that is different from that of an average suburban townhouse.

What materials are used for building park homes?

Unlike traditional properties that are made of bricks, mortar, cement, and tile, park homes are built using strong alternative materials that make it a great option for long-term purposes. Park homes are often built using steel and timber that offer a luxury aesthetic as well as plenty of reinforcement and support. Moreover, park homes are easy to maintain and resistant to weather adversities.

How long does it take to build a park home?

Park homes do not take too long to build. The building process depends upon the size of the factory manufacturing them. At Africhill our factory is spacious enough to manufacture park homes easily and efficiently. And our expert technicians take the utmost care and pay complete attention to build the perfect park home. So, with us, you will get a perfectly manufactured park home. Our technicians use the best professional tools and standards which further makes manufacturing and installing park homes easier and better.

How park homes are built?

First of all, the floor of the home is built as it necessary to insulate the base before installing the walls. And then using cranes the walls are erected and installed on the park home and then the roof is being installed. The roof of park homes is usually built at ground level for ease of manufacturing as well as maintaining the quality. After the outer shell gets completed, our builders focus on the interior of the park home. After the interior job is done we also help with the exterior finish.

Moreover, our park homes have a stronger chassis system that allows the park homes to be loaded on trucks and offloaded on site again. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!