What Are The Main Benefits Of Prefabricated Modular Homes?

In this modern-day, we focus on sustainable lifestyles that revolve around the environment near to us. Modular houses come up to meet the need of living in such with standardized sizes and floor plans to optimize efficiency and minimize costs. Modular houses are an architecturally outstanding marvel that has become the subject of many photos, articles, and even films.  It has been created to ensure exceptional functionality within the size constraints for offsite construction and delivery.

We are an award-winning modular prefabricated modular house to meet a need in the market. Our team specializes in creating architecturally sophisticated, environment-friendly, affordable, and resource-efficient modular houses. Each design of our modular house is orientated to suit the site. It is also constructed to suit specific climates, including desert, alpine, and cyclone-prone areas. The designs and materials used in the modular house are based on the environment, client aesthetics, and energy efficiency ratings. Also, our products are preferred due to their optimal energy ratings and minimize artificial heating and cooling requirements and energy bills.

In addition to it, our modular homes are designed as per the initial assessment of the site environment. It ensures you personalize the modular house as per your surroundings. Modular homes are still absolutely customizable, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their home is efficient but also feels homely. We work hard to create stunning residential and commercial projects. We take every opportunity to reduce any adverse impact on the natural environment as well as the wellbeing of people. We never charge any hidden costs or unexpected extras while offering the quote. Choosing our modular houses for your next home or commercial space is a wise financial investment.

We offer a range of facade options, along with cladding, window design, internal fittings, and color selections; each modular house structure is remarkably unique. From single and multi-storied homes to studios, extensions, and multi-residential developments, our contemporary yet flexible modular homes are built for functionality. All of them are resource-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. They are perfect as the family home, downsize, extension, or commercial premises. No matter where you are in South Africa, we can transport our affordable homes to your site.

We can build what you imagine! One of the great benefits of modular homes is it reduces the build time. Construction for our standard modular homes is generally around five to eight weeks. However, custom designs may take a bit longer, depending on the complexity of the design! It means you can entrust us to achieve your goals with confidence, including the highest quality build in only twelve to twenty weeks! We make sure to keep our clients know with progress updates along the way for better peace of mind.

We work closely with our clients to produce energy-efficient homes suited to the site, and we strive to provide a timeless architectural style. Get an inside perspective on our architectural designs for a modular house, and discover what drives our attitude. Contact us to stay up to date with the latest trends in sustainable modular house architecture projects.