3 Standard Roof Designs to Consider for Modular Houses

Modular houses are stylish and green. They use less space and materials. The prefab buildings preserve natural resources while leaving the smallest of footprints. They are usually manufactured in a way that leaves a smaller ecological footprint than the conventional on-site construction.

Do you want to keep the world beautiful now and for generations to come? It’s time to invest in modular houses. For prefab buildings, there are certain considerations you should make. Out of all, the roof is one of the most important features of prefabs.

The roof is much more than just a way to shed the elements from a home’s structure keeping it and its occupants safe and dry. In short and simple words, a roof can define a home and a key component of a home’s architecture. This is why it’s a key element you should consider while designing your prefab.

Roof Designs –

Roof designs for modular houses come in different shapes and pitches (slopes). Usually, they can define a specific architectural style and can be almost completely utilitarian.

Here are some of the standard roof designs you should consider while designing your custom-made prefabricated homes:

The Roof Styles for Prefab Buildings –

1. The Monoslope Roof – The slope of the monoslope roof is standard 7 degree. This roofing style is commonly used for smaller buildings. But they can be utilized on a larger structure.

The IBR roof panel of the monoslope roof is structurally much stronger than a standard IBR sheet. Its actual roof panel is the ceiling.

The main reason behind choosing this roof for your modular house is that it’s insulated, energy-efficient, and can save you time on installation.

2. Hip Roof Design – Hip roof design is considered the most for the traditional style house system. It has the lightweight roof truss. This type of roof design is mainly used for very large building structures.

Due to the combined strength of common walls, the insulated ceiling, and wall panels with the truss, the hip roof design can be the perfect pick for large modular building structures.

In addition to, hip roof design roof style is a very effective insulated structure; but takes much longer than monoslope style to install for the truss system.

3. Pitch Roof – Pitch roof design is ideal for modern building systems as it has no truss. This roof is just an IBR insulated panel roof with beams or common walls to create a double pitch, thereby ensuring more volume inside the building. Besides, its chromadek cobble pattern is a nice touch to give the prefab building solutions a modern look.

Conclusion –

Modular houses at Afripanel are well-constructed, built of top-quality materials, and are designed to exceed customers expectations. For over the years, Afripanel has been dedicated to creative design and an optimal level of client satisfaction.