Smart Eco Off Grid Modular Housing

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Smart Eco Off Grid Modular Houses designed for optimum independence.

Afripanel offer a full off grid solution.

That includes civils , building structure and finishes, plumbing, electrical, water storage ( all water air particles catch up and filtration), Solar power and water heating and Gas.

All standard designs below can be custom designed and new designs for clients can be accommodated.

Explosion view of how the Afripanel modular structure shell units are constructed.


* We have a variety of aluminum extrusions to compliment our buildings.

* Our extrusions are designed to make construction time faster, they are all cut to size at the factory.

* All aluminum extrusions are 2mm thick and powder coated.

* Chromadek extrusions are 0.5mm thick and double folded.

* The electrical wiring are run inside the square conduit that we is installed in between the panels on the male and female joints. This gives the electrical installation a much tidier final finish.

* Wall panels and roof panels will be cut to size and doors and windows are all pre fitted in our factory. Shell structures can be painted in rough texture PVA finish or can be left as a polyester paint finish.


SR1S – 25m2

SR2S – 68m2

SR3S– 118m2

DR1S – 118m2

DR2S– 122m2

DR3S – 149m2

TR1S– 204m2

TR2S – 173m2

TR3S – 301m2

TR4S – 179m2

FR1S – 175m2