Steel Structures- A Smart And Cost-Effective Construction Solution

Steel is an indispensable material for any construction projects, and there is no big surprise that they are a part of a large number of structures and frameworks. Most of the construction contractors prefer steel structures because of its durable, sustainable, and robust in nature. You must notice the wide application of steel items that are necessary for residential and commercial applications.The prime reason to use the steel structures is that it decreases the cost of the building. Several factors are responsible for reducing the cost of steel. Some of them are given as follows.

Market demand

With the emerging era of development, our steel structures offer new steel modular frameworks as per the client’s preference and designs. They are easily accessible, transported, and installed quickly at the construction sites. With population growth and development in urban communities, the demand for our steel structures will keep on increasing. The low cost, flexibility, budget-friendly, robust infrastructure facility, and less pollution factors make us the most preferred among clients.

Availability of the material

Steel is available in the market quickly as compared to other construction materials. With the deforestation the cost of the wood has escalated to its optimum levels. Furthermore, it will take time to gather the number of wooden materials you need for your home. However, our steel structures are very low priced that have never been seen. Although the prices of steel are increased and but it will not make any significant impact on our steel structures. So we recommend purchasing our steel structures for any of your buildings or construction projects.

The long life of steel

Steel is used as the primary construction material in any building. It is very hard, strong and durable. The existence of significant structures would not be even possible without the use of steel structures! Steel structures buildings will last for longer, and it will need less maintenance as compared to its counterparts. The construction materials other than steel will not only cost high, but it involves a high repairing cost as well. Low maintenance cost and a small investment are some of the best benefits of using our steel structures compared to other materials. There are various energizing new trends in the construction industry that will probably affect the steel market positively.

Ease of building

The low labor cost and flexibility factor reduce the cost of our steel structures. We are going parallel with the pace of current tech-centric innovations. Our expert engineers put together the modern designing and fabrication technology to produce the steel structures of any size, shapes, and designs. We also have decades of experience in the industry to cater to our client, the smart solutions starting from structural designs to aesthetic requirements. All our designs and fabrications for steel structures are simple; hence help you reducing the labor cost and construction time related to your construction. Our steel structures turn out to be progressively flexible in utilization and can create more space as well.

The steel structure buildings require a sturdy structural design, budget. To purchase the steel structure buildings, contact us today! We are the best and experienced manufacturer in the industry. We are equipped with expert mechanical strength, best quality steel as raw materials, and designing team to offer only the best for your construction projects.

Modern Three-Dimensional Building Technologies Help To Achieve Excellent Prefabricated Houses

The prefabricated houses are mostly pre-designed, fabricated in a factory and assembled at construction sites. Prefabricated houses today are largely independently planned buildings, which hardly differ from the prices of standard homes. We fuse the latest three-dimensional technology with our professional designing skills for making the construction process of any prefabricated house more comfortable. Also, we customize the prefab designs as per clients need and making its installation with less time. Besides that, our products are environmental advantages over wood structures, give the fixed price guarantee and suitable for any turnkey projects as well.

Quick and easy reinforcement with successful project delivery

Our qualitative prefabricated house kits can comfortably grip each other for making the home structure even stronger. All these are primarily based on a robust material and design that will last for longer. It is also easy for civil and structural engineers as we find advanced ways to work more efficiently. Advanced three-dimensional modeling tools and new building Information can also increase design efficiency. Our prefabricated house supports the construction procedure will deliver your projects faster and make it more successful. Furthermore, our prefabricated house design and making processes are comfortable and efficient for civil engineers. Here is how it is beneficial

• Increasing the construction accuracy of prefabricated house
• Reducing the possibility of changes incapacity
• Reducing conflicts on site
• Making accurate cost estimates
• Improving data exchange for customizing the design of the prefabricated house
• Improving project team communication for streamlining the workflows

Doing the construction job traditionally is no longer an option for any consultancy or construction company to stay in business. Implementing the latest technology in the industry is the best way to stay in the race. We have a big reputation in the industry and we keep it up by adding the latest technologies to stay in such a competitive world. We also give our best effort in designing and fabrication that ultimately deliver the accuracy in high-quality projects. Also, we do it more quickly, efficiently, and effectively than their competitors. One of the significant benefits for civil engineers is using three-dimensional modeling software and advanced tools to strengthen even the complex shapes quickly and easily. Reinforcement can be rapidly placed within components and make the prefab homes simple to build. It will automatically update to reflect the changes with increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Enhanced Design Efficiency

The advanced 3D and modern building technique we use helps in accelerating the design process. It will also automate manual tasks and make the data sharing more accessible and efficient. Furthermore, the design tasks such as reports, schedules, and quantity calculations are becoming easier and save much time in the construction of prefab houses. It also enhances the design efficiency by following ways.

• Planning and designing the structure can be quickly extracted and placed onto layouts
• Reinforcement blueprint and detailing is done technically
• Quantities of structural materials are calculated easily with structural analysis software
• Dimensioning and labeling of components are accurate
• Technical analyses will reduce the manual checks and also the chances for collisions between components
• Any change in the design will automatically update the scope of changes

We are more and more popular, and builders in South Africa give our best effort to learn the latest technologies. It could help you lower construction costs of prefab houses. For a lasting and budget-friendly housing solution call us on +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!

Benefits Of Owning Modular Houses

Home buying is exciting, and it can be a costly process as well. With the steady improvement of the economy, there are many housing options available before you. In this context, we provide you our unique modular houses which are not only affordable but more feasible as well. The popularity of our customized modular houses is increasing tremendously since they tend to cost 15 to 20% less than standard homes. Furthermore, our products have many advantages over traditional site-built homes.

A modular home is not a mobile but merely prefabricated house that is built in our factory, but not on-site.  We have our factory-like setting with the latest machinery and tools for producing modular homes. Here we design and develop our products as per customer specification. We pack each part of the modular house and transport it to their new locations. The builder also able to assemble the pieces to form home as per your desire, and it is so easy and cost-effective as well.

Since the modular homes we built in our factory; hence the production processes are covered by through observations. The technical team consists of qualified engineers, designers, and fabricators give their best effort in the process. They are very much careful about the quality raw materials and the standard rules, guidelines, and building codes for the modular home as prescribed by the local authority. One more advantage of building a modular house is that it can be completed within a few weeks, which very less as compared to the normal on-site construction process. You will not face the typical on-site construction delays caused predominantly by the weather or labor.

People have a great misconception about our modular homes regarding its look, customization. But with us, you will get unlimited designs, look without any limitations. Do you need to want a traditional, center-hall, colonial, or Mediterranean home?  We can build the dream modular home you wish! Also, we can add any style of window or architectural detail that meets to create the modular homes of your choice.

When considering a modular home, it is essential to understand that not all companies make the prefabricated homes up to specification.  Rely on us as we assure you get significant differences in quality, price, and service as compared to our counterparts.  So before purchasing or building any modular houses, you must do the research.

 Some features of our modular home

  • Modular homes are evaluated as the same as their on-site built counterparts
  • It does not depreciate in its value.
  • It can be customized.
  • Use in-house engineering departments that utilize CAD  for a perfect modular home structure
  • The designs vary in style and size.
  • It can be used for commercial applications, including office buildings.
  • These are permanent structures and can be counted as real property.
  • It can be built on small spaces and basements.
  • Best option to form green buildings.
  • It is much quicker to make than any site-built homes.
  • It is strong enough to withstand 175-mph winds.
  • It is designed for future conveniences and built for comfortable living.

Afripanel offers specialized modular houses that cover the roof over the homeowner’s head and cover everything inside. They have years of experience in the prefab home building industry and great expertise to provide you the desired modular house you expect. For more information, contact Afripanel at +27 (0) 11 979 1885, +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!

Benefits Of Owning The Park Homes

Park homes are exclusive and ever popular development for shelter and offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the peace. Have you ever been searching for a park home to purchase? Do you want to enjoy visiting and spending a few times away from your routine? If so, you may likely to consider investing in a park home as a better alternative than brick and mortar housing. Homeowners are looking for new homes might postpone their plan due to the high costs of purchasing traditional houses. But our park homes can provide significant amounts of luxury at far more reasonable prices.  Although buying a home of any kind need a certain level of investment. But buying our park home is well worth the resources you have invested. The following are numerous benefits you can experience by purchasing our park homes.

park homes

Easy maintenance

Park homes are more compact than traditional properties. A small or compact home means fewer square feet of carpet space, and they are much easier to clean. It will need less time and energy to vacuum the floor space, polishing the tiles, low quantity furniture to rearrange and fewer closets to clean out. It can help you save your time and energy in removing the chores. Furthermore, the maintenance of the smaller space will become easier, and most of the tidy are removed with minimal effort.

Lower price

Buying a park home, and the process involves in it are the same as it had been involved in owning any other house. You still need to make the down payments, installments, or take out a mortgage loan or pay the full money as agreed. However, the crucial thing we offer to our client is the economy while buying a park home. The cost of park homes usually compares very favorably against traditional housing in the same area. The amount of money we charge for buying a park home is considerably less than it would be if you were purchasing a distinctive house! It will be particularly beneficial for those buyers who downsize from a more substantial, traditional property to a new park home.

High-quality builds

People might imagine that purchasing a park home involves inferior quality materials. In our case, the assumption is wholly incorrect. In fact, we build our park homes with extremely strong materials and the latest technologies. The resulting qualities of the park homes we manufacture are much higher than people’s expectation. We made the park homes inside our factories. All our engineers have kept a close eye on the design and production process.  It will help us to reduce even the minor design flaw or errors in the construction process. Our centralized approach results in reducing the opportunities to miss even a small thing during the building process.

 Lower utility costs

Usually, the park homes are smaller than other dwellings. It provides another advantage of lowering the utility cost and eases the maintenances or utility costs. Heating a smaller space is usually cheaper than warming up a larger home and the same principle applies to our park homes as well. The technical designs, proper lighting also bring potential lower electricity costs. We make our entire park home as per the standard ensuring all homes are built to be extremely energy efficient.

Long Lasting

People are concerned about the fact that park homes will not last as long as other housing options. In fact, the park homes we build will last for 80 years and well-known to last even for longer with proper maintenances. However, we assure you that the park homes we offer will last for longer. The only thing you need to do is making regular maintenance in the due interval.

The park homes we produce, its size and the budget make it beneficial for our clients in many ways.  Are you searching for a home that is good looking and within budget?  Why not consider a park home? You may find that it is the most suitable and excellent property you have ever owned!

Reasons That Make The Steel Structures A Popular Building Material

Steel is quickly becoming a magic material for building safe structures! There are multiple reasons why people get benefited or preferred steel structure buildings the most. Conventional building procedures need skilled workers; many expenses and time to construct a building on site, piece by piece. We produce steel structures of any shapes or sizes in our factory with less time and energy. What is responsible for making steel structure buildings phenomenal? See for yourself and check out the following ways the prefab steel structure buildings beat the competition:

Prefabricated Steel Structures

Quick Build Times

The investment and time are essential for any construction projects. Both are co-related to make a building project successful. The less time you spend on the job site, the less it costs in the workforce. It will become possible as the steel structures are fabricated at a place and installed at the construction sites. We are the most reliable steel structure manufacturing company ready to help you plan, design, and build the steel structure as per your need. Our pre-engineered, pre-cut steel materials are flexible enough and ready to be assembled at any site easily.


Steel structures are such versatile products used in different shape and heights. Its strength, durability, and flexibility will make it the most preferred choice for warehouses, big industrial shades, Indoor stadium, agricultural storage units, and much more.  Being a reputed steel structure fabrication company, we are backed by expert designers and architects that can produce an incredible range of building exteriors and roofing systems as well. We can make the outer part of the steel structure buildings unique and visually pleasing.

Lighter than Wood

So far as the load-bearing qualities, durability is concerned; the steel structures are brighter than any of its counterparts! It will lead to less material shifting cost, simplified design option, and less foundation and structural supports. Steel structures are usually having the highest strength-to-weight ratio than all other building materials like wood or concrete. Fortunately, the steel structures will not only take far less steel for construction but help in fabricating much stronger building.  Hence it seems as less in weight than concrete, wooden structures or block buildings.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is the most recycled and eco-friendly material on the planet.  The high recycled content of iron, coupled with the longer lifecycle make the steel structure the most favorite choice for many people around the world. The materials used in your steel building are generated from its existing source. After the lifespan, it can be salvaged and recycled for new projects as well.


The design and manufacturing process for steel structures are incredibly efficient.  We will help you eliminate the need for measuring and cutting the steel material onsite, reduce the error, and most importantly, the number of onsite employees to complete the job. It seems to be a quickest yet reliable. Being the reputed steel structure manufacturing company, we can complete any project (large or small) faster than another construction process.  We mark the materials as per the design and cut it into pieces and its assembling takes less time as well.  Our small construction crew is enough even for significant labor-intensive buildings.


Do you plan to have a steel building project that you would like to discuss?  Get in touch by calling us on +27 (0) 11 979 1885 or +27 (0) 11 396 2402 today!