Why Go With A Company That Makes Robust, Most Optimized Prefabricated Houses

Value Engineering, quality management, expertise in prefabricated-engineered structures makes Afri Panel a turnkey solutions provider in the infrastructure industry. Our prefabricated houses are the finest, cost-effective and efficient solution for project site offices and residences.

We are the prominent producer and suppliers of the most excellent quality prefabricated houses for our global customers. The products we offer are available in a bespoke option that easily meets with the demand of our clients. Lightweight construction and perfect finish make our products much appreciated in the market. Our low price options, superior steel design, and finish are enough to match up with any client’s specific need.

Our prefabricated homes come with inbuilt doors, roofing sheet and all these accessories are made of internationally proved material. We use top-most raw material, innovative design, and techniques in producing our prefabricated houses. We also comply with the set of industrial norms and standard. We examined our products with skillful professionals against the various parameters of quality. The purpose is to deliver high quality and custom-end base products to our clients.

Prefabricated Houses

We not only produce prefabricated houses but also provide home buyers with custom, energy-efficient building solutions. The prefabricated houses we build are typically much affordable than traditional homes. The cost of a prefab home is highly variable based on its size, amenities, and specifications. You are expected to pay between $150 and $220 per square foot that often include the home interior and fixtures as well.

Prefab homes inform of a modular home, panelized homes, pre-cut homes or shipping container homes are constructed in our factory as per specification and design. Then it has been transported separately to the building site and then assembled on-site in a matter of days. Unlike mobile homes, our prefab homes are constructed according to state or local building codes. It enables you to build prefab home practically anywhere.

Again the component we use in our prefabricated homes helps to give more self-life. Although the sections of the houses are prefabricated, still it much likely to be looking like typically constructed home. With robust architectural design, construction, highly finishing & installation, our prefabricated homes are appreciated in both local & international market.

Prefabricated houses

While considering a prefab home, we advise you to look for some special features included in the home package you select. To mention a few of them are as follows.

-Outstanding effect of energy-saving and excellent capability of heating preservation

-Best fireproof ability.

-Superior sound absorption and sound insulation capability.

-Green thermal insulation materials and no harm for the body.

-Waterproof and heat Insulation with lowest prices

We complied with almost everything you desire. It will make our prefabricated home demanded in various places. We also offer our clients to purchase this prefabricated shed at most competitive rates than others.

Move-in Apartments- Instant Homes At Affordable Price

All most everyone have a common dream to own a home. When you are in your own home, there are a number of pros you can easily earn. Needless to mention, you don’t have to live in fear from the customize rules being developed by landlord and don’t have to pay the home rent at the end of every month. Therefore, each one tries to escape from such virtual boundaries.

Owning a home is not as easy as we think. It needs plenty of time, money and effort. In this fast moving world, people unable to dedicate such time. Therefore, they prefer to purchase prepared homes. Purchasing park homes is perfect choice to get your own home within short period of time.

Park home

Park Homes are brilliant solution

Living in park homes is like living in the midst of nature and it is truly relaxing. You’ll be delighted by experiencing the smart and alluring features of these homes. These buildings may look the same as conventional brick homes, but these are not traditional homes. This is because; these homes are constructed elsewhere and later moved to your selected location. However, these homes are available in different sizes with dissimilar features. The amazing relaxed bungalows with pitched roofs look elegant. These homes are perfectly designed and constructed to meet the requirement of the clients. After its manufacture, the homes are placed on a pre-excavated foundation and later the necessary connections are added to them. As a customer, you don’t have to spend time on gas, electricity and drainage system because, the professionals will add these entire required features later.

These homes are equipped with all modern facilities just to make your life easier. If you want to have latest appliances, you are free to add them. Kitchen, bathroom, bed room, all these essential facilities have properly added to these homes. Therefore people found it comfy to own them without much hesitation.

Sale Park Home

Apart from them, these luxury homes have several energy saving features including high grade insulation to prevent huge electricity bills. Most of the homes in the park for sale include the buyer to sign on the documents which have specific rules of the living environment. It is good to know that, all most all owners are now stick with this commitment and therefore, switching to these homes are a step forward to save nature. Needless to mention, the location you have chosen to settle down, they all have different rule and regulation and therefore, you should have to consult with lowers before going ahead.

Affordable and time saving

It is always a great feeling from the owner point of view to own a home which doesn’t need any direct interference. All most all are quite clear that, to build a home, you have to consume a lot of time and money. Plus, when you are going to add more features, it needs additional money and time too. What if, you have a ready-made home with your required facilities? If someone will compare the time and money he has to spend on conventional homes, these move-in apartments/ flats in park homes are a much better option to choose for.

Buy Park Home

We at Afripanel provide quality move-in apartments with a pocket friendly budget. We have almost two decades of experience in this field and out technicians are aware about the latest trade in the market. No matter, whether you want a single room or couple of rooms, we are confident enough to provide your desired homes in your preferred location. We do maintain the quality and there will be no additional hassle for you after purchasing your flats from Afripanel.

Varied Selections Of Prefabricated House Fulfill The Needs Of Clients Around The World

South Africans and home buyer around the world, like to see their home being created in front of their eyes for an assured quality and longevity. With the introduction of latest technology, best quality materials and designing, prefabricated houses enable people to have their dream home within budget. Those prefabricated houses not only look beautiful but are strong and last for longer compared to other homes.  Time has changed and the opinion about the prefabricated house is for industrial sheds and security guard boxes or anything alike is changed as well. We engineered well designed modern and sophisticated prefabricated residential building solutions to meet the desire of client’s worldwide.

We follow the standard norms and guidelines to produce customized prefabricated houses as per design and structure. Buyers choice are unlimited, hence we make a range of prefabricated houses that surely meet clients specification and choice. Sometimes the disaster management team or government bodies or corporate houses or social organizations need to build the bulk amount of prefabricated houses for homeless people. We have the better-prefabricated building solutions t meet their requirement. Along with that; we also cater quality prefabricated house to meet the varied requirements of our clients. We categorize our prefabricated houses into three basic types as stated below:

Modular homes- Modular prefabricated homes are a little bit different that is built in our factory and then transported to the site. The module is made with the interior setting of doors, electrical fittings plumbing and cabinets etc. These are arranged according to the design and specification of homeowners or clients.

prefab building solution

Manufactured homes- We manufacture for large or small size prefab homes with in-built panels. These are transported to the site and are fixed in place with lots more finishing works to do. In such a case the home is installed on a permanent foundation and assembled together on the site.  Basically, the interior work, electrification, plumbing, flooring, and the entire interior will be done on the site. These homes are the most preferred prefab homes as they can be customized to suit owner’s choice and specifications.

Pre-designed homes- We also manufacture pre-designed homes that are usually most useful for small structures, mobile home, log cabin or dome homes and much more. These pre-designed homes can be set up without any ones support! The Pre-designed homes we built are flexible to move on and can move wherever the owner wants to move. This will even fit onto the back of large vehicles that can pull them around from one place to another without any damage.

prefabricated houses

Our product reflects the magnificent craftsmanship of our professionals who design these using premium quality raw materials. Due to its exceptional features our prefabricated houses are extensively demanded by people around the world! Also, we are benefiting our clients by providing the various customization options for these prefabricated building solutions!

Do you like to own a prefabricated house? Let us know any of your tips and designs on the prefabricated house. Trust on us, we will make the best quality prefabricated houses as per your choice, within your time frame and budget!

The Common Mistakes That Need Avoidance When Buying Steel Structures

After at last concluding that you require another structure on your property and settling on the choice to buy steel structures for all the immense advantages they offer, you should make sure and keep away from the most widely recognized errors individuals make when purchasing steel structures & metal buildings. We at AFRIPANEL Modular Buildings make sure that you have the means to avoid such mistakes.

Steel Structures Building

Know the exact use of the steel structures & metal buildings

Unquestionably, the primary thing you have to decide is the thing that the building will be utilized for. There are huge diverse necessities for steel structures that will be utilized as a workshop or indoor riding facility than a building intended to stock items or products.  Is it true that you are anticipating separating the structure with the goal that it is agreeable inside all year or is that not a factor in your steel structures & metal buildings?

Make certain to consider every one of the applications that you may utilize the working for later on too. This can spare you from developing the wrong sort of building, or one that may not suit your requirements.

We as the one dealing with steel structures spend significant time in simply these kinds of issues and by examining your plans for now and the future, we can help point you the correct way and spare you some potential migraines not far off.

Steel Structures Building Solution

The budget that you have

Knowing your correct spending plan is another imperative factor when acquiring steel structures & metal buildings. No one ever needs to over expand him or herself and knowing in advance what you can serenely spend is key in deciding the correct building for you.

Once more, we as qualified steel structures specialists can enable you to pick the correct working for your financial plan and can enable you to investigate financing choices that may help you in that basic deciding process.

A decent well-known adage to recall is that you get what you pay for. Purchasing the least expensive building you can discover is never the correct approach. You need a lot, however you additionally need the best in fit and design and workmanship too. Purchasing on the sparing and after that supplanting the building sooner than foreseen spares you nothing over the long haul, is not that right?

Steel Structures

You can talk to us and locate the best steel structures to suit your necessities and spending plan. With the best possible arranging, you can simply develop, the steel structures & metal buildings later if that is required.

Our steel structure buildings are prefabricated, prime coated and final coated before constructed. Focusing on quality and structural strength, we provide a wide array of products – from smallest to the largest well-engineered steel structure designs. We have a team of certified engineers, designers, welders and boilermakers; who are experienced in manufacturing superb quality steel structures and any steel works going beyond client’s expectations.

The Myths Regarding Prefab Houses Which Needs To Be Cleared

With the passing time and the technological advancement Prefab Houses has seen many improvements. There are considerable enhancements to the construction and materials used for such. You can expect to get outstanding quality, robustness and aesthetics AFRIPANEL.  Even after such development, there are some myths still associated with this which needs to be cleared.

The Myths Associated With Prefabricated House and the Clarifications

There are many myths associated with Prefabricated Buildings which when cleared would enable you to see how beneficial it is.

prefab buildings

Low-quality houses: This is the foremost myth that is associated with Prefabricated housing methods. The advancements of technology have redefined the image of Prefabricated Houses. You can expect that the modern prefab homes of ours are one which is a stylish living space, fashioned with superior quality and cost-efficiency in mind. We do standard designs and custom designs as per customer specifications.

Not having variety: This is another myth associated with prefabricated houses. Our factory manufactures modular buildings, design and does turnkey solutions. Our product and solutions are tailored for quick and efficient construction and esthetically good looking buildings. All buildings are energy efficient, supplied in a kit form and mostly flat packed. Obviously, we offer varieties. We consult with our customers thru out the process before the manufacturer so that you can have a house which does not resemble a box rather it would be your dream house.

prefabricated building home

Not having durability:  This is also a myth which needs to be clarified. We have a variety of aluminum extrusions to compliment our buildings, all aluminum extrusions that are used are 2mm thick and powder coated on the female edge, the Chromadek extrusions are 0.5mm thick and double folded. So, you can definitely understand that our Prefabricated Houses have the durability to last for years. All our materials are tested for structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing durability.

Last but not the least, we offer services which include civil works, building structure and finishes, plumbing, electrical, water storage, solar power, water heating and Gas. So, our Prefab Houses are above the myths which generally dominate the mind of the general public.