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Modular Houses Styles

Modern Features Style

Our main feature on our modern building system is that the roof has no roof trusses, just a IBR insulated panel roof with beams or common walls to create the double pitch, thereby creating more volume inside the building. The chromadek cobble pattern lasts approximately 12 years and it can be repainted.


African Style

Our African range’s main feature is the mono slope roof. The roof slope are standard 7 deg. This building style is for smaller buildings but can still include all general accommodation, schools and general necessities. The IBR roof panel is such a well structural strength product that it provides up to a 7m long spans with no support. The actual roof panel is the ceiling and the best part is that it is insulated, energy efficient and you save time on installation.


Traditional Style

The main feature of the Traditional style housing system is the lightweight trusses. This type of building system can be used for very large building structure, taking in consideration the combined strength of common walls, the ceiling, insulated panels and the trusses. This style is a very effective insulated structure but take longer than the African Housing style to install, due to the trusses.





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